How it began…

OUR story
After living 15 years in Germany, I traveled around-the-world almost 75.000km in 6 months to come back to Armenia in June 2016 and discover my homeland with brand new eyes.
I’m Tatevik Aghababyan, the founder of the Debed Co-living and Workation House, designer, perpetual traveler and entrepreneur born in Armenia.
Not only I realised how unique and special Armenia is, I identifying amazing potentials around me. I decided to channel my experience and know-how gained over the years in Germany and around the world, to support rural communities and the local economy. 

My inner voice told me, that was going to be the place where I could connect with nature and boost my productivity.

The discovery of the little Village Debed, in the northern Lori province marked the beginning of this exciting project in June 2016, where I initially aimed to create a little hideaway for myself. 

This is insane, but you're doing the right thing…
– A piece of self-talk I gave to myself, withdrawing the last money I had for the downpayment.

Later on, my plan evolved to a much bigger idea of shared living concept, where I could host like-minded people to live and work together in a cosy and comfortable environment, and for sure, inspire each other.

This could be the view from your window…

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