Workation & Co·Living House 

Work · live · travel in the greenest heart of Armenia.
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Co-living & Workation House as a shared living concept
Shared living is not a novelty, however, sharing space and being productive can be challenging!
– Tatevik, designer, perpetual traveler and the founder of Debed House
Our shared living concept is made for professionals and like-minded people in search of energising environment to decelerate and work, but also for traveler seeking authentic ways to experience Armenia and the region. The guests of our house should have cost effective and comfortable living, suitable for remote working in a healthy and vitalising surrounding, closely connected with nature & midst local life. With the help of local architect Lusine Mkhoyan we crafted this concept reflecting the traditional architecture of the village with modern touch, keeping our main focus on the needs of modern (digital nomads) and location independent professionals.

Modern interpretation of local traditions.

Our co-living & workation house is located in Debed Village of Lori Province in Armenia. It merges seamlessly with the scenic landscape, facing south the soft green hills, which inspired us for the massive glass facade framed in traditional symmetrical shape. The local materials and the original remains of the old house define look of the new Debed House. With modern materials and construction techniques we create high level of comfort justifying the needs of modern living, while being connected with nature and local life. 

Debed Co-Living & Workation House is designed to provide balanced mix of comfort, privacy and social experience - as much of each as desired.

The Ground Floor
The lofty ground floor is all about socializing, with the living and dining areas, the cozy library and the large kitchen merging with another outdoor kitchen with a stone oven remained from the old house. 
The 1St Floor
Here we have four comfortable bedrooms with private bathrooms. The rooms are spacious and include a work corner, for the times when privacy is preferred. 

The lofty co-working space is located in the panoramic attic

The views from here are the best. This is the spot for inspiring brainstorms and productive work sessions.
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The Construction

With Local Resources & Materials

We started the construction of the house in summer 2017 by engaging local workforce only.

Initially we hoped to restore the old house, but unfortunately, the substance of the structure was not allowing us the scaling of the house. We carefully demolished it, sorted out the old stones and wooden beams, in order to use them in the construction of the new house. We kept as much as possible from the original house! 

By the winter 2017 we prepared the construction ground and finished the foundation of the house.

Jan-NOV 2018
In early spring 2018 we continued with the concrete structure. In the fall we prepared the construction for the winter erecting the roof.

Simultaneously we restored the old stone oven, which was a part of the old house and is going to be the centrepiece of the outdoor kitchen.

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The location

Lori Region & Debed Village in the greenest heart of Armenia

While Armenia is "off-the-beaten-path" for the most of the traveler, the northern region of it is even less explored.
Lori Province is, undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful regions in Armenia. Canyons, mountains, lush forest, ancient churches, absolutely beautiful!

Lori is rich of cultural treasures. Haghpat and Sanahin Monasteries, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites are located here. Odzun Church (5th Century) is one of the oldest Christian churches in the world, counts to Loris historical gems. The stunning nature of Lori will please the outdoor fans with the wide choice of outdoor activities: whitewater rafting, hiking, trekking, horse riding, biking, you name it! Dilijan and Sevan Lake are really close and can be reached in less than an hour. 
Cosy, protected from wind & frozen in time

Debed Village has a star shape, spread over soft hills in a hidden gorge.

It is located next to the Debed River Canyon, providing milder local climate with long green summers and picturesque colourful falls. It is just 1,5-2 hours away from Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia. The Georgian border is just an hour away, thus the location is great for the ones, who want to explore both Armenia and Georgia. 
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Social Impact

It is not about building another guesthouse…

Our project has already social & economical impact and we hope to increase it.

FIRST of all

Our house will create new jobs in the village.

 Since the very beginning we engaged the local workforce only, 5-10 people were continuously working at the construction, thus this project became an important economical factor in the village of just 250 households. The functioning guesthouse will offer permanent work places.

We want boost the local potential and help the community to merchandise their goods and services.

Our guests will enjoy fantastic local organic food produced by the villagers. With some training and education we will help the locals to offer tours and other services to our guests.

We would love to become a role model for others.

We hope to inspire and encourage others to invest in rural communities and evolve the local potential, thus develop the vital small business in Armenia. 
Launching in Fall 2019
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